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Most of us wish we were in better shape, but selecting the right workout equipment can be intimidating. There are literally hundreds of different options to select from. It makes no difference if you are searching for cardio equipment for exercise, or you want strength-training gear, there is a list of options a mile long. Trying to decide what’s best for your needs is no simple matter and you could spend days considering the options if you were to compare them all yourself. That’s why we focus on offering complete reviews of some of the best exercise equipment that you can get today. This gear is hand-picked for its performance, its value, and for offering solid workout opportunities to those that are interested.

See Hand Selected Gear

All the fitness gear we review is selected for its value, performance, and durability. We look at everything from dumbbells and free weights, to specific machines and cardio equipment. If you’ve considered buying the equipment before, it’s probably covered on our blog. Out of all the gear we feature, you’ll get access to hand-chosen favorites that stand out for their performance in some way. Each review looks closely at the benefits of using this fitness equipment, and the downsides that come with it as well. Building a home gym can feel overwhelming, but our reviews will help guide you through that process.

Learn What to Look for in Gym Equipment

Along with learning about the exercise equipment that’s worth purchasing, we also work hard to teach our readers what makes equipment good. That means even if you don’t purchase the fitness equipment we recommend, you can still learn how to choose items for yourself. You’ll learn to see the good features from the bad and begin to understand what you should be looking for when you look to make a purchase.

Read the Updated Workout Equipment Blog

Each week we add new posts looking at the latest exercising equipment. Check back frequently to learn about new tools to help you with your fitness training. You’ll quickly find the perfect things for your home gym, and you won’t have to head to the local weight room to work out as a result.

Find the Ideal Workout Equipment for Home

Getting in shape at home is convenient and affordable, but only when you have the right training equipment. We’ll point you toward tools for resistance training and strength training to help you get more weight on the bar and to improve your health. We won’t recommend the most expensive equipment available, we’ll recommend gear that offers excellent value while allowing you to improve your health. Learn about the items you should be adding to your home gym, and level up your strength and fitness in the process. Start reading through our fitness reviews and blog posts, and you’ll soon learn all you need to know to create an effective gym that you can rely on when you don’t feel like visiting the local fitness club.


What equipment is needed for a gym?

If you’re looking to build a home gym on a budget, get yourself an exercise bike for cardio, a low-cost adjustable dumbbell set, and a single adjustable weight bench. These are the bare-bones tools you need to build muscle and enhance your cardiovascular fitness levels at home. You can upgrade parts of your home gym over time when you’re ready for more exercise options.

What equipment do I need to workout at home?

Building an excellent home gym requires investing in a few important pieces of equipment. You’ll want a barbell, a power rack, and an adjustable weight bench for lifting. Invest in a power rack that includes a pull-up bar and dip bars for extra versatility. Also get a wooden plyo box, a medicine ball, a kettle ball, and a jump rope or an exercise bike. This is a strong base to help you get started, and you can invest in additional equipment such as crossover cables, a treadmill, and dumbbells over time when you have more money to spend.

Is it better to workout at a gym or at home?

Both options offer real benefits and downsides too. A home gym is convenient, quiet and uncrowded, and fully-customizable. It’s also more compact and more limited and you’ll have to pay for the equipment up front. A commercial gym gives you a chance to work out with others, it’s large and more capable, but you will have to travel to it and pay a monthly fee. Many people choose to use both options, while others select a home or commercial gym and stick with that.